Art. I - Introductory provisions

1.1 These terms and conditions specifies the purchase agreement in accordance with § 409 et seq. Act no. 513/1991 Coll., the Commercial Code, as amended (hereinafter reffered to as the Commercial Code), whose subject is the purchase of tickets for educational congress (hereinafter reffered to as the subject of purchase) and which the parties concludes through the website

1.2 These terms and conditions define and specify the rights and obligations of the buyer and the seller, which is a Diamond Lashes - Peter Lhotsky based in M. Majerové 606/39a, 500 11 Hradec Králové, identification number: 747 60 211, VAT identification number: CZ8305133056, Phone: +420 603 821 932. In accordance with § 262, par. 1 of the Commercial Code, contractual relationship is governed by issues closer to these terms and conditions untreated by Commercial Code, even if the purchaser is a private individual - consumer, this does not preclude legislation to protect consumers, especially provisions §§ 51a - 65 of the Act no. 40/1964 Coll., the Civil Code, as amended (hereinafter reffered to as the Civil Code) and Act no. 634/1992 Coll., Consumer Protection Act, as amended (hereinafter reffered to as the CPA).

1.3 Subject of purchase is the product of intellectual property, and therefore is forbidden its distribution or providing to third parties without permission of author. By concluding the purchase contract the buyer accepts that any use of the information on the subject of purchase and successes or failures resulting from it are only in the hands of the buyer and the author do not accept any responsibility. The buyer can find information about products or services of third parties in the subject of purchase. That information is only a recommendation and expression of opinion on this issue.

Art. II - Order

2.1 The buyer declares that he is acquainted with all the information, which are available at and which relate to orders. Buyer orders subject of purchase by completing an electronic order form through the website The buyer has obligation to check and repair (if necessary) order before sending it. Sent order is legally binding and the buyer and the seller created mutual rights and duties, i.e. the seller agrees to provide the buyer the subject of purchase and the buyer agrees to pay the purchase price. Buyer confirms by submitting the order that he is familiar with these terms and conditions, and agrees with them. These terms and conditions, which are also posted on the website of the seller, are an integral part of the purchase agreement, which is concluded by completing and submitting the order.

Art. III - Purchase price

3.1 In the summary of the application and on the web at can be found all the prices of services.

 3.2 Invoice: For the payments made under the purchase contract the seller issues to the buyer an invoice, which serves as a proof of purchase of goods. The seller is a payer of value added tax.

Art. IV - The method and form of payment

4.1 Method of payment. Payment methods are linked to the payment gateway GOPAY Ltd., which provides secured technology for accepting credit cards and online bank transfers. Credit card numbers, payment card numbers and passwords to electronic banking are entered through a secure and trusted channel of GOPAY Ltd.

4.2 Payment Options

a. Online credit and payment cards: VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard, Maestro.

b. Bank transfer: Raiffeisenbank, GE Money Bank, Fio banka, Komerční banka, ČSOB, mBank and more.

4.3 Form of payment. a. One-time Payment means you pay immediately after sending the order form. b. Payment by two installments means that you pay the first installment immediately after sending the order form and you pay the second installment within 30 days after sending the order form.

Art. V. - Sanctions

5.1 If the buyer fails to pay the seller the purchase price duly and timely, the seller has obligation to pay a penalty of 0.1 % of the purchase price for each day of delay, up to the amount of the purchase price, which is payable immediately after notification to pay the contractual penalty sent by the seller to the buyer's registered email through the website, through a bank transfer to the account of the seller.

Art. VI. - Liability

6.1 Security: Access to the user‘s account is secured by user name and password. The buyer is obliged to maintain confidentiality regarding information necessary to access the user's account and notes, that the seller is not liable for any breach of this obligation by the buyer.

6.2 The responsibility for the contents of the web: Web pages can be updated without notice.

Art. VII. - Privacy

7.1 Seller´s Declaration: Diamond Lashes - Petr Lhotský committs to fully respect the confidentiality of personal and corporate data of the buyer, which are secured against unauthorized access and protected against abuse. The information that you enter in the order are necessary to identify the buyer. They are used to implement the entire transaction, including the necessary accounting operations, issuing tax documents, identification of non-cash payments, and to communicate with the buyer.

7.2 Detailed personal information and buyer’s purchasing data are stored in a database with strict security against abuse and are not disclosed to third parties.

Art. VIII. - Final Provisions

8.1 These terms and conditions shall become effective on 20. 7. 2015. Information is communicated through websites, or other information channels. Seller reserves the right to change these terms and conditions. Each new version of the commercial terms is available on the website and is marked by the effective date. All orders are always governed by the current version of the commercial terms.